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DB- ,P Data Bus are eight data-bit signals plus a parity bit signal that form the data bus. The Transfer Length specifies the number of contiguous blocks to be recovered. See note on early warning EOM below. ONL- All interface signals are active-Low. Discard the first swab; moisten a second swab and repeat the wiping motion until all residue has been removed from the head surface.

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archive :: 21391-001 Viper SCSI 2060S 2150S Product Manual Jun88

Firmware resident in the Drive 250s Interface PCB implements the SCSI logic for exchange of formatted message, status, data, and command information between the Viper and its host via the signal interface. Viper is a trademark of Archive Cor- poration. The COPY command must complete before a subsequent command will be accepted. Viper will skip over recorded tracks and directly access the end-of-recorded-data point.

Note that the I. No status or ending message is sent for the operation.

Full text of “archive :: Viper SCSI S S Product Manual Jun88”

Viper does not support the short erase option. The tape cartridge is also described. Follow the instructions in the head-cleaner cassette kit and clean the head as- sembly.


When the DIAG jumper is present, the interpretation of the remaining jumper pairs differs from their interpreta- tion in operational mode. This command functions similarly to the READ command except that the data originates from the Viper buffer instead of from the medium. Despite the precautions taken to archice that you receive a quality product, damage may still result from careless handling of the carton.

Third party copying is not supported; that is, the Viper willnot manage transfers between two remote devicesbut will manage transfers between itself and a remote device. Turn the drive power ON. GOOD status is returned if the tests ran successfully.

The DIAG jumper places the drive in diagnostic mode. The tests are part of Viper’s resident firmware. Discard the second swab. See Chapter 2, “Tumper Configuration”. Reserved set to zero. Residual Length is set equal to the difference between the requested transfer length and theactual number ofblocks read File Marknot included.

Whenever a SCSI device disconnects from the bus, only the saved pointer values are retained. The RM bit setting indicates removable media.

The Viper always addresses logical unit zero of the initiator. Archvie Cart Proceed to checkout.


Residual Length is arcnive equal to the difference between the requested transfer length and the actual number of blocks read. The initiator is permitted to write beyond the early warning EOM. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This large buffer size permits efficient handling of high data burst transfer rates up to 1.

Data lines include the parity signal option.

Archive Viper S Manuals

The three jumper pairs in column two are used to specify the 3- bit code required to select disconnect size. The erase head precedes the Write atchive on Track 0. Sorry, we’re having trouble showing recommendations right now. Each command will have a data length equivalent to the remote device’s block size. The Viper accommodates devices with a block size equal to one of the following: