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Reboot without the card. See Technical Specifications Tab for footnotes. It works fine but please bear in mind that it is not officially supported until Matrox release SL specific drivers. Here’s the first report on one: Do you have any advice for me I tried to install by opening the package instalation of the driver alone that is successful for under the system tells me that it lacks the drivers for the raid controler and I doubt that is the face of conflict with the ACT lacie but I can not do experiments that I have seen work and above all with the Lacie I have always found it well because I have replaced a BigestS2 a month after the end of the guarantee with a Quadra 6TB by interpraise I would have tried clearing the system kext driver cache, but he had already returned the card.

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Silicon Image 1. Also no response from Sonnet client service about this development.

There was a message I receeived after upgrading to Mavericks that said something about this device is not suported and is disabled. My problem is that the drive array to which the card is attached will not appear on the desktop; I’ve tried numerous cables, and indeed used the same cables to successfully attach the array to an older Mac Pro tower i.

The same drive, copying the same data, but using USB 2.

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Just for the record I asked him for details on his ext. Oct 28, I installed my brand new copy of Snow Leopard this morning and everything was fine until I tried to plug my external gb Western Digital drive via my Dynex ExpressCard. So, looks like that’s the driver you need if you have 4 Gigs of Ram and are running I’ve tried copyiing few big dmg’s onto it and they all mount without issues.


But for for the early 17″ MBP it really completes the abilities of that model nicely. SI SATA card drivers in the past were often removed as incompatible during a major OS X upgrade install, although sometimes simply reinstalling the driver worked although always best to check for any driver updates. On previous updates I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled the Silicon Image driver but that doesn’t seeem to work in this case.

Belkin Australia SATA II Express Card

Later posts in that thread have other more recent notes and tips. It works fine but please expressard in mind that it is not officially supported until Matrox release SL specific drivers. These compatible drives include, but are not limited to: If not it is still VARY Simply connect your raid to a computer that does not have Snow Leopard expresscagd if one is not available simply install 1.

Jason, Have you been able to copy from one eSata drive to another using the two eSata ports on the LaCie card? May not be related but is Energy saver set to allow drive sleep?

If I had one I’d disable spotlight indexing on it and turn off hibernate mode saves writing GB’s of ram contents to disk at sleep – plus delete the existing sleepimage file, saving GBs of SSD space.

One thing to note is that the card doesn’t ship with an e-SATA cable, and even some e-SATA-capable drives don’t ship with it, so users will have to make sure that they have a proper cable when setting up. Perhaps it’s early versions of the MBP that have trouble, as most other people seem to be fine. I had written last year about the Checksum test failures with the previous non-slim JMB card in my MBP early 17in as well as similar results from others including reports below.


Still with “unknown vendor” in the top right corner of the menu bar in OS X My kernel panic is as follows: Alienware Laptops Coupon Redemption: If you go that route, or some other let us know what works or doesn’t.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

My typical throughput is 80 – 90 MBps – better than Firewire, but not a whole lot. Going to reinstall Mavericks, requarantine the driver and then try again. To anyone planing on moving to Snow Leopard if you are using a eSata card you need to check to see if it is compatible. See Technical Specifications Tab for footnotes. Haven’t tried booting from the eSATA port yet. So I guess “they” are right – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

All replies Drop Down menu. I have just read an interesting post on the Firmtek FAQ page which may explain why some folks report success by simply reinstalling the drivers which worked for them in Mountain Lion whereas others like me have tried every possible version of the SiliconImage drivers and still can’t get a drive to mount.