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Absolutely no warrantee is made as to the correctness of the information on this page. This sixteen ohm driver, rated at sixty Watts, is made by Atlas and is slightly brighter than the stock V Either you need to drill new holes in yours, or buy one of the new model H-S: Includes horn mounting screws. Dairiki and the other authors of the content, whoever they may be. Replica of the original horn spindle used in many Leslie speaker models. Replica of the original spindle and horn bearing used in the horn rotors on many Leslie speaker models.

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Not all six may be required for your installation due to manufacturing differences and tolerance changes over the driver’s long production history. The diffuser cone has holes drilled in the periphery for the sound to travel to the rotating treble horn. From the Original Hammond Leslie Faq.

Tweeter Jensen V-21

With a rated frequency response of – 3, Hz, this driver still produces db at 6, Hz, the upper limit of the Hammond tonewheel generator. These are second hand units and as they say should not be used to replace a driver blown by heavy useage. I thought the first versions of the ferro-fluid driver had a treble response that was too brilliant and piercing. Now the driver is working jensej fine, without distortion or any buzz.

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The compression drivers that are normally used to replace the stock unit have a 1-inch throat diameter, with either a threaded or bolt-on mount.

Failed drivers can be shipped in for repair, exchanged for rebuilt units, or rebuilt units can be purchased outright. These are reported to be fairly bulletproof, and to sound very good. Last June I was in his shop and he introduced the line of drivers to me — he has them in stock at that time.

Tweeter Jensen V – Vintage Music Service

Treble drivers with exceptional high-frequency response are probably not required to reproduce an adequate amount of key click and may be un-desirable in this regard.

It was easy to reassemble the driver and to center the coil. If you just gotta have a stock woofer, then you ought to have no trouble obtaining a reconed P15 or C15 Jensen. I have it on good authority that they suck.

Don’t know the cost. Last edited on G21 4, 4: One thing about the Atlas drivers is that they are very large. There’s a large plastic “bubble” on the bottom that you can remove to make it much closer to the size of the original Jensen. I think he just does the diaphrams – don’t know if complete driver replacements are available.

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For information see http: The new 2v1 fitted exactly to the V21 Jensen driver of my Leslie. Rubber washer used to seal the bottom of the Leslie horn spindle to the driver.

Uses the existing spindle; includes mounting hardware and new spacer ring. Replacement gaskets for the original Jensen V driver. Includes rubber and metal thrust washers.

Unless you bought a PD with an optional transformer, the bubble is completely empty. This resistance won’nt affect the sound in a noticeable way. Topic RepairTopic Modification.

Includes new spacer ring. The percussion is outstanding with a crisp clean bite.

Tonewheel General Hospital – Speakers : Drivers – Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker Parts

Kit includes six gaskets. Current production metal thrust washer for old style spindle plate. I own one, and it is very well made. Requires some skill to install due to the narrowness of the voice coil gap and the delicate adjustment required while running a frequency generator through the driver. Uensen it’s a 8Ohm device you have to add a serial 8 Ohm 20W resistance to get appropriate impedance matching.